Harley Assist


Goodbye HOGAssist. 

Hello Harley|ASSIST™ 


Some of you may have already received information regarding this, via text or mail.
It is no longer possible to purchase a HOGAssist policy or to renew one that has expired.

Further Harley|ASSIST™ cover can now be purchased on-line: https://www.harley-assist.com/gb/en/ You can find all relevant information relating to this product on the website.

Key differences to HOGAssist are:

1 – the policy covers the motorcycle, not the rider (making it transferable upon resale)
2 – In the event of a breakdown when abroad the customer can choose whether to have the bike fixed away from home and brought back once repaired or, have it recovered back to their local dealership and repaired closer to home at no cost to the customer

Any motorcycle registered after the 31st of January 2017 will have been/will be issued with a 12-month Harley|ASSIST™ policy, free of charge. Unlike HOGAssist – there is no relationship to the buyer’s H.O.G. membership so policyholders will not receive a card with their H.O.G. membership # on it. They should receive a card like this from their dealer along with their Welcome pack when they collect that and their new bike:

In the event of a breakdown customers should call the number listed for the country they reside in:
UK – 0800 777127 / +44 (0)20 8603 9427
Ireland – 1800 800155 / +353 16193693

Please note: Harley|Rider Insurance includes Pan-European Roadside Recovery as well as Agreed Value and £1250 Rider Gear Cover.

Customers with an H-D Insurance policy should not need to purchase additional breakdown cover.

For H-D Insurance enquiries and/or a quote, customers can call:
UK – 0800 9776878
Ireland – 1800800845
Or go on-line: http://www.harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_GB/home/owners/finance/insurance-services.html

H.O.G. members are entitled to a 5% discount.